CodeGradX is an infrastructure to mechanically grade programs. The CodeGradX infrastructure freely provides programming exercises for authorized people. This authorisation can be obtained after agreeing to the following User Agreement. Once authorized, you may use, reasonably, that infrastructure and its exercises as many times as you want. Any abuse may imply the interruption of the authorization.

The CodeGradX infrastructure collects personal data that is, first name, last name, email and pseudo. The first email you give at inscription-time becomes your immutable login. You may however change your email in order to recover from a forgotten password. You may also change your first and last name, your pseudo and your password. Your first and last names only serve when delivering badges or certificates.

The CodeGradX infrastructure uses gravatars to represent you graphically. Your gravatar is a square image bound to your login. You may change that image on the Gravatar site.

When using the CodeGradX infrastructure, you must honor these rules:

The process is very simple: you choose one exercise, you read its stem, code an answer, you submit that answer to CodeGradX which, in return, produces a grading report. This report is anonymous: the grading machine is independent of the Web server and has no access to your identity (however, don't put your name in your answer!). The grading report details how your code was checked. It contains the mark your answer got. You may revise your answer and submit it again.

Most exercises have only one question, the grading report is normally produced in less than 30 seconds.

Your activity with CodeGradX is recorded as well as the exercises you saw or tried, your answers and their associated grading reports.

Your grading reports are available, they appear in your history. They are also available for the teachers who assigned these exercises, for the authors of these exercises and for the administrators of the CodeGradX infrastructure.

When using that site, you give to the administrators and the authors of exercises the right to memorize your answers and your (anonymous) grading reports, to display them (whole or part), to process them in order to improve the exercises, their stems, their grading scripts, etc.

The link between a person and its grading reports is deleted after two years of inactivity from this person. This person will then be unable to retrieve these reports in its history. However these reports are still available for authors of exercises and administrators.

In case of problems, write to the CEO of Paracamplus.